Friday, October 28, 2011

BIG EVENT in the House

HouseDetectives are looking for new clues here:

What do you think this BIG EVENT could be?

This can be a specific event or something that happens at a specific point but is the origin of something else. Perhaps it is a general issue, or perhaps this is a matter related to the family of House... 
Come to think!

1. The return of a well known character.
Well, it could be a big event if this character who return to House´s or the team´s life brings some issues with him/her: Stacy, Arlene, Lydia, Sam, Nolan, Tritter, Alvie, Lucas, Cameron, Masters, Rachel or Lisa Cuddy...


2. The first meeting between House and his bio-father.
Really, this could be the big expected thing we all are waiting since we knew about House´s real father at the funeral of (until the moment) his father, and when we watched him reading this book writting by his "priest" father. Also this event can open new stories in the series and can teach us (and House) more about this complex and loving character.

3. The appearance in scene of a sibling for House.
A brother or a sister for House could be a very big event. Someone who share with him a father...
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4. A child for House.
Maybe a big one: 
A young man or woman, about twenty or thirty years old is looking for his/her bio-father: And this man is House. Why not? Maybe this person is the product due to an old relationship of House (not necessarily a serious one).

Maybe a little one:
A woman looking for the father of her son/daughter: And this man is House, Why not? Maybe the child of a hooker or (wow) the child of Lydia, Stacy, Dominika, Cuddy...ouch!
Really, we don´t know how we can introduce this character here but a child for House could be a big event!

5. Something related with House´s leg.
Maybe a new treatment for his leg or the amputation. Well, it could be a big event, Why not? But, it would fix something in his life? 
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6. None of above.
So, now is your turn. Please check our poll, which is on the right and let us your opinion.