Vision of a Smiling Detective

My colleagues usually call me the Smiling Detective (I will tell you why). My real name is, haha, never a detective would tell you it, but you can know me of other places like RedTulip_Ana. I lead the Headquarters of Investigations located in Spain.

Like any detective I have a known "real life". I spend my time like a HouseDesigner. I love my real job, I love driving and above all, I love travelling. I have a passion: the sea. During the summer, you can find me crossing the sea by boat, yes, I love sailing. Feel the wind caress your face, without hearing any noise, except the crashing waves on the armor of the ship is one of the best experiences of the life, no words can explain it. As a good Spanish detective, I like talking in the pubs while I drink a glass of wine, a Corona or a gin-tonic...aha, yes, she is me, you probably had seen me at these places you usually are.

But I have a defect, I can´t hide my smile, you never think I was a detective... Is that bad? Well, that was the point, doesn´t it?

The beginning of this proyect is our admiration for this series. Obviously, if we were only casual viewers would have never taken place this idea of HouseDetectives.

For me House exists in my life since the Pilot episode. I've seen House from the beginning. I liked it since I watched the first episode because it was a series:ORIGINAL, DIFFERENT, SMART, it was something NEW.

The idea of such a SPECIAL person like House was GREAT. A person so INSUFFERABLE and at once so ADORABLE. Please, House was a series to watch. I was hooked from minute one. As the relationship between House and Cuddy was great, and I don´t mean the romance, but the chemistry and the tension between them as well brought to the small screen by Hugh and Lisa was fantastic.The truth is that during all these years I have had different times of more and less fanaticism, but finally I have always seen all the episodes of each season. But I never need to go into forums and talk about the show until BOMBSHELLS.

When I watched the episode of BombshellsI stayed SHOCKED. What had happened? What I missed? I was alone at home, at dawn, I could not talk to anyone. And so began my life in the network as House-addicts. Before this episode, I consulted Spoilers in forums and websites, but always as a reader, never went to discuss in any forum (God, a year ago if someone tells me that I would be embarking on this project, I would have laughed).

From here I made myself a twitter and I began to following actors, writers and fans ... and finally I took the step! I went out to the fore. RedTulip_Ana began to speak, to intervene in discussions in forums, contact with interesting people from very different worlds to mine but with the same interest: Barbara Barnett (Why I did not know before her and her book?) Twitter (fun, fast and so interesting), LiveJournal (Maya, ppth...), tumblr (reblog, like, follow...) and of course, the HouseDailyDose web (I think it was the first site I started reading daily, fantastic ..).

Here began the funniest moments: in tears for what we were seeing on screenwe share laughs looking for clues.

One of my first comments in a forum was: "Cuddy said goodbye to House, she has not broken her relationship with him. Cuddy is dead. Cuddy has dismissed from House... " and then I said: "I have the feeling that Lisa Edelstein will leave the show...", yeah yeah, we were in March when that thought came to my head ... Why? I do not know...There would be born a detective?

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