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How will go House to jail?

This weekend, as The Smiling Detective, I have been researching, as could not be otherwise. After an interesting conversation on Twitter, I have brought new thinking.

(Thanks to @CoconutIce22 and @Visitkarte)

It is true, why not? We assumed that the reason, by which House goes to prison is for having crashed his car into Cuddy's house. But, it might not be the only reason. Remember that House is married "illegally" (Green Card Marriage) and that probably he carry a large stash of Vicodin.

Long ago, our NYC Detective explained the possible crimes committed by House: "The Charges Against Dr. House. Is there a Trial In His Future?"

But it is possible that the charges against House are more than one. It is also possible that the crime for which House is eventually arrested is carrying with him a good stash of Vicodin (without prescription). On the other hand, remember that House ran away from the crime scene, but we do not know how he came to the beach. Imagining that everything is real (denying a state of coma / hallucination)...What did House when he left the house of Cuddy? He left his car there (no one ran after him)...a thousand unknown factors that we must forget if we do not want to drive ourselves crazy, but once we assume that this is real and House reached the beach, we can make a list of things he did before traveling.

Did he come back home? Did he take his bike and went to the airport? Did he go to the hospital and stole the Vicodin? Many unanswered questions and a House fleeing...

Remember the game of "Twenty Vicodin" Peter Blake said no one had been right the entire meaning of the title of the first episode of season eight, but that someone was close
It is possible thatprecisely Vicodin, is the reason why House is arrested.

We know that there will be a jump of one year between the episode finale "Moving On" and "Twenty Vicodin". But we do not know if this will be the time that House will pass in jail or if that is the time when House will enter into the prison. House might have been wandering the world for a year and be arrested later.

So back to the first question, How will House go to jail? 

Perhaps House will be one year fugitive (as pointed my fellow NYC Detective) wanted by the lawHouse may be fled from justice and in a routine control the police arrested him for carrying drugs (20 vicodin) over, then  they discover and lock him up in jail because he is wanted for crash into Cuddy´s house. Perhaps, previously, the police contacted with his wife, Dominika. Then they discover that it was a marriage of convenience. In this case, we would have four major accusations against House:
    • Hit his car into Cuddy's house.
    • Fleeing from the crime scene.
    • Carry a stash of Vicodin (without prescription).
    • Green card marriage.
I still keep thinking that House will call Wilson....

What do you think?

How will go House to jail?

Thursday, August 4, 2011




 NYC Detective here. My fellow HouseDetectives and I would like to share our varying opinions regarding the House Exclusive this week which listed SEVEN candidates as they called them. We call them The Usual Suspects plus 2.

Frankly, I couldn't help feeling a little (ok...more than a little) disappointed at the news that TPTB at House really were going with "someone from within" as Ausiello hinted at in a previous column. With some time to think and some distance, I am only slightly less disappointed than I was when I first heard the news when I realized that adding a new central character to House might actually NOT make sense.

Our Russia HouseDetective wrote an article awhile back about which actors should be considered for the role of DoM and she named an actor for who has already been scooped up already by a  competing network to Fox. I see the point of view expressed by some fans that "there's plenty they need to do this season" and the addition of a totally new person with no connection to House that we've seen before might not be the best idea. You decide. I know there are many on both sides but it hardly makes a difference as we have to go with what we're given and we're given these "candidates" from within.


 To begin with, we have another new team member today who was clearly added to be humorous, quirky and most probably "awkward" with people and relationships. Together with Odette Annable, the casting directors have put these two female team members in place for Martha Masters (who departed last season) and 13-Olivia Wilde whom we're told will be off a great deal of the time filming other projects. 

  Clearly, the selection of DOM is perhaps the most CRITICAL decision the casting directors will  make in what is expected to be House's final season.

For me, it comes down to: Wilson, Vogler ,Sam and Taub

Most people would feel comfortable with Wilson as DOM because he is already a department head and someone who is a clear thinker and who we can see as an outstanding administrator for PPTH. He has so many of the qualities and all of the credentials one would need to be considered for this position. The problem I have comes with his relationship with House.

It's easy to see how he would most definitely allow House to come back to PPTH. I'm sure there will be restrictions and people overseeing all House's actions once he's back but how will this affect the very critical relationship of House/Wilson? is this a good call as we can now dispense with chasing chickens down a hallway and get back to the House/Wilson serious dramatic moments with Wilson becoming less of an enabler and more of that true friend we once saw? No one wants this to turn into Greg House manipulating Dr. James Wilson and all that would imply. No one. So, it's possible to see this in both a very positive and a very negative light.

Vogler. First off, he's not a Dr. How can the DOM not be a doctor? Once we get past this, there are also other problems I have with this selection. Vogler couldn't stand House and vice versa, so what would this last season be? an endless series of one ups-man-ship that we've already been through? Power plays with the board and patients? No one wants to see this all over again. This said, I adored Vogler the character and Chi McBride is absolutely fabulous in the role and without question can handle House. I would prefer not to see him in this role although it's nice to think that TPTB care that fans from Season 1 would relate to this or perhaps it all has to do with the price t which certain people can be signed on

Sam: is most definitely the "wild card" in the bunch. I am dismissing "Big Love" as this is the most RANDOM selection for DOM I could ever think of- unless we're talking about the Asthma Lady from the clinic. I am also dismissing any of House's former fellows because they could never truly manage him. It would be a joke as we've seen so many times before. He knows that inside out and he has trained them. I don't see this working. I know Foreman is clear thinking and has wanted a promotion forever but this doesn't work for me. I'm sorry but I also find that character a little boring. Not what I was hoping for. Chase might be interesting but we shouldn't forget that he was the first duckling. House knows Chase best of all. I don't see this happening. 

Sam: I'm not really sure how I feel about Sam being the DOM. I know what's positive for me and what's negative though. I like her age for this position. I like that she and House are not even remotely attracted to one another. I have the feeling that she could handle House. We did get to see that she is not "above" manipulating things to her benefit. I don't want to go through any Wilson/Sam moments. That's over and done. If she could be professional and totally business-like this might work. Again, not what I was hoping for but this might work.

Taub: I don't see this at all. The "face" of PPTH has had serious issues both professionally and privately which to me call his judgment into question. I like Taub and if this would take him away from those incredibly dull scenes with Rachel and young women, it almost might be worth it but there is a positive here. Taub is truly an outstanding doctor, he is the right "age" for someone who has had broad experience and is very good at dealing with House. I'm not sure though. It's a true mystery. I would only be fairly happy with Wilson, Sam, Vogler. I am nervous about a possible Wilson selection but feel that they MUST make certain that this relationship continues to grow and get back to where it once was. One thing though: Laurie and Leonard on screen together? They light it up.

Just one persons opinion. We welcome your thoughts/comments.


Russian HouseDetective
 Speaks Out About New DOM-Another Point of View

In recent days we were showered with news from the creators of House. Besides the fact that the team included two new actresses, we were asked to guess who will be the new boss of House. I see only two real candidates: Wilson and Foreman. In favor of the former says that he is already head of the department. Therefore, we are one step closer to uncovering who the Dean of Medicine will be. But after we learned that the team added not one but two women, the likelihood that the House new boss will be Foreman increased, They have to send one man from team upstairs because too much of a  crowd in House's office can overload the audience.

So, now Foreman's seems more likely to become DOM than Wilson. 
In the eyes of the board of hospital, he can earn more points: He is Afro-American, he is young , he is not best  friends with House, he is ambitious, he is a  single-minded careerist without emotion and sentimentality. He is an experienced doctor and he has a steady mind.
Not that I personally will like Foreman as new DoM, but I can see that it's highly probable.   

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The search for the new Dean of Medicine is down to seven familiar faces.
Michael Ausiello of reports that ‘House’ is closing in on the replacement for Lisa Edelstein.
Edelstein played Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro. According to the report, the new Boss that will no doubt class with Dr. House is someone we already know.
Here are the seven candidates up for Dean of Medicine on ‘House’:

Dr. James Wilson (played by Robert Sean Leonard)
This seems like one of the most likely options, and the one that would please the fans the most. I know I’ve been wanting Wilson to get more screen-time, which was sacrificed thanks to the Cuddy/House storyline. Plus with Wilson being in charge, it no doubt makes things interesting between him and House. Will he still be the enabler he’s always been? Or would we see a tougher Wilson?
The obstacle in this scenario however is that Robert Sean Leonard could be splitting his time between ‘House’ and other projects. He just ended a run on Broadway earlier this year. Should he accept another offer during the season, his role would be scaled back (think Olivia Wilde), so that would make him being the new Boss very unlikely.
Dr. Eric Foreman (played by Omar Epps)
Foreman taking over Cuddy would make a lot of sense. He did take House’s spot when he was in rehab. So we know he can be in power.
But I can’t help but to feel like this option would be a letdown. It feels too ‘safe’. Do we really want to see another House vs. Foreman power-struggle? Doubt it. There are better options, so I hope they don’t go with this one.
Dr. Robert Chase (played by Jesse Spencer)
Since Cameron left, Chase has been pretty much in the background. He hasn’t been doing much, unless you count having random sex with every chick with a heart-beat.
Much like Wilson, fans have been wanting to see more Chase. So for him to be promoted as Dead of Medicine would be a pleasant surprise. It would be interesting to see if he can stand-up to House.

Dr. Chris Taub (played by Peter Jacobson)
Could the series’ most useless character be promoted as Boss? Only if the TV Gods hate us…
I’m not sure why the writers at House try so hard to shove Taub down our throats. From his failing marriage storyline, to his now him fathering TWO babies storyline…we just don’t care. If anyone cares about Taub, please tell me. Anyone?
Side note: Taub being boss is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.
Dr. Sam Carr (played by Cynthia Watros)
Now we get to the less-likely-but-could-happen options. Dr. Sam Carr of course is Wilson’s ex who broke his heart…TWICE. Could this radiologist become the new boss?
This scenario is interesting, but problematic. When I said we wanted more Wilson, I didn’t mean I wanted him to be bitch-whipped by his ex again. And we know House doesn’t respect her, so there’s no way he would listen to her. There’s no way this would end well.
Side note: I would change my tone if House’s ex Stacy would be a candidate. But of course, Salma Ward is currently on CSI: NY. So that’s not happening. Damn.
Dr. Jeffrey Cole (played by Edi Gathegi)
Who you ask? He was one of the many many gunning for a job on House’s team a few seasons ago. Still don’t know who I’m talking about? Two words… Big Love.
That’s right, House’s favorite Mormon is a candidate for Cuddy’s job. As you recall, House disqualified him because he went behind his back to Cuddy to cheat during a contest.
This scenario seems like a long-shot, and totally random. Out of everyone in the show’s past, why him? Unless the character developed between the time we last saw him, House will chew him up and tear him apart…again.
Edward Volger (played by Chi McBride)
To remember this candidate we need to go back. Way back. Season 1!
He was billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company and became the Chairman of the Board at Princeton-Plainsboro. He was also the series’ first major nemesis to Dr. House.
Volger went to great length to get House fired, including making his own team-members spy on him, and threatening to pull his donation money away.
We last saw him when he gave Cuddy 100 million reasons to fire House. Of course, she refused, and Volger left with his hefty wallet.
Personally, this is my favorite scenario out of the seven. First of all, it rewards loyal fans of the show who stuck with the show by having someone significant from the past make an impact. Chi McBride is a great actor with a demanding presence.
Let’s say Volger becomes boss, think of the possibilities. We know he hates House and wants him fired. He also has a history with Chase, Foreman, and Wilson. It would add some much needed non-love-related conflict to the series. Not to mention it makes total sense that the former Chairman of the Board would step in as Dean.
Final Thoughts
Out of the seven, my favorite options are Wilson, Chase, and the long-shot Volger.
But no matter who gets the job, Cuddy is irreplaceable. We know this. Although I feel like her character suffered these past season, I will miss Lisa Edelstein’s word. However with this big departure, ‘House’ has a chance to revive things. This is their chance to breathe some new life into a show that I think has been suffering due to terrible storylines.
Whoever is chosen as Dean of Medicine has some big shoes to fill. Not only because they are replacing a departed, but because this choice could make or break what could be the final season of House.
What do you all think? Who is your favorite choice of the 7 candidates? 
HouseDetectives will be responding in a separate article. We thought it might be interesting to post this point of view. 

A "Fugitive" From Justice Episode 8x01 Pt I


I've yearned for one of two scenarios to begin House Season 8 with.

One involves a House "on the run" from the police after having smashed his car into Cuddy's dining room.

The other involves an old scenario which many of us toyed around with last season and did not see come to fruition- that of a House who is either in a "coma/hallucinating/amnesia" or undergoing surgery. There are many who do not want to see the second scenario played out for a variety of reasons, not the least is that they see it as a total "cop out" and so I will focus on the first of these scenarios.

The departure of Lisa Edelstein from the show coupled with what many believe to be House's final season, makes us anxious for  "compelling" and exceptional TV- something which this show used to be expert at delivering.

 If you're a writer of a TV drama series with recurring characters, you have a problem: You need a new story every week, and they cannot all be just about your regular cast. So most TV series formats, particularly for drama, involve some way of bringing a new set of guest stars into your leads' lives for every episode. There are just two ways to do this: Either your leads work as cops, lawyers, doctors, or some other profession that naturally brings lots of other people to them for short periods of time; or else your leads do something that has them travelling around a lot, meeting new people and situations wherever they go. A House-fugitivie from justice could cover BOTH of these formats.

The Fugitive

"The Fugitive" explored the modern human condition, touching on all the foibles (greed, lust, pride, envy, fear, hatred) of humankind as well as exploring topical issues of the time: racisim, migrant workers, suburbanization, human rights, justice vs. the law, etc). There are parallels here past the fact that both main characters are doctors. Kimble was "a modern-day Knight or Samurai minus the sword."

A Two Part Season Opener

I propose a two part season opener in which we see House a fugitive from the law with more than a tip of the hat to the great TV show  "The Fugitive". This show will be way before most fans' "time" and you may not have even seen the Harrison Ford movie in the 90's (same title) which was a huge box office success 

 I should say that I am not in a rush any longer. The more scenes which REVEAL thoughts/feelings/emotions of Dr. House, the larger the steps taken toward this final journey. No need to rush when we are getting substance. This might also prove useful as Cuddy's departure needs to be addressed and I would not prefer this to receive a quick treatment. In fact, many are anxiously awaiting the writer's "solution" to this huge dilemma of a Cuddy departure. This should be interesting and not rushed.

Spoiler Coming!

Of course, in Dr. House's case (SPOILER alert!) we know that he will eventually end up in prison serving some time, exactly how much-we are not as yet sure. In Dr. House's case, he is not searching for anyone, and did indeed commit a crime for which he is wanted. Imagine if you will, House in some small mid- western town (or any really small town anywhere) where he tries to fit in. Not so easy , right? Dr. Richard Kimble was also  very intelligent but he was a quiet man and could fit in more easily than Dr. Gregory House. In fact, it could be humorous (if the topic wasn't so serious) to try and watch him fit in....anywhere....doing something OTHER THAN medicine. Hey, House is alot of things but dumb? Not on your life.  He has tons of abilities in all kinds of areas and they could showcase them. Of course, he would have to leave the first town he was in after he fixes that broken leg or stitches up the local bully. They would be "on to him".

So what exactly are Dr. House's other abilities? He can play piano, guitar and cook up a storm. Maybe he could be a bartender or a juggler.  I can see House doing all sorts of odd jobs if he shut his mouth. I say this with "all the lobe in the world" and who knows? 
If his life was dependent on doing so..he just might surprise us.

The main reason this would be very interesting is because we might be able to get back to "House basics" by leaving the hospital world for a brief while and focusing on House, the man. We would get to see House away from familiar surroundings and patients and trying his best to mingle with people who don't know= and may not care about who he is. In fact, he would be trying to shield his true identity from them.  This could make for revealing drama and great humor- if written correctly. We all know that Mr. Laurie would excel at playing this type of part. We would see him alone much of the time and those were always the gems amongst the House scenes of old.  We need to see what he's feeling again. We need to try and connect once more with Greg House. We need to know what he is thinking and it is in these "quiet little moments" that the light shines brightly on the inner workings of Dr. House's mind. Most importantly, House needs to connect/re-connect to the world and by dealing with new people and situations, this might prove useful for awhile. After all, he does eventually have to head home and in TV world return to PPTH and be The Head of Diagnostic Medicine once more. Of course, he could run into some interesting people in his travels and maybe even find someone he likes talking to for a bit. You can imagine where this is heading.

It goes without saying that we would see the team in action with whatever patient of the week is admitted to PPTH and seeing how they deal on their own-without House at the helm to guide them. We may also see Wilson scenes showing us his thoughts on House and a departing Cuddy.

One scenario mentioned to me by a fellow Housedetective, is for Pt. I. It would  involve House, who at this point, who is running out of Vicodin. THIS may be the amount of pills he has with him and he has to figure out how to make them last for awhile. I don't know that the writers will go the route of having him showcase his drug seeking behavior once more by visiting clinics and the like- but they were not very successful trips the last time he went down a similar road. Perhaps he once again...phones Wilson.

Of course he could always take what should be an Overdose ("Twenty Vicodin"...and hallucinate some past encounters with Cuddy which would be nice as this would be an easy way for the writers to allow the fans to gain some sort of closure with the character and the relationship.  Whether in Paradise or Iowa, being amongst strange people and places can faciliate nightmares. Why wouldn't he be reflective? We've seen House take too many pills lots of times. This time, he has good reason to so it wouldn't be surprising.

At this point and for what Wilson (or whomever he calls) sees as House's best interest...the police are informed of the phone call. They track him down,arrest him while the shocked townspeople watch in amazement. Could be in black/white for awhile. Just a thought.

This is the end of  Pt I.
I want to see House holding his booking number below his face like this:

Pt II: On The Road Again: House is arrested and taken back to Princeton, New Jersey. This could be the "real" flash back episode and again could include some wonderful Cuddy moments.  Pt I would include the "time warp". Is it backwards of fast forward? I think fast forward would be in Pt. II, showing the time lapse from Cuddy's departure.

Please Note: Time is not a fixed construct in my scenario.



You may need this now.

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The REAL HouseDetectives talk about "Twenty vicodin". A new vision: our Detective in Oklahoma.


(Special thanks to  @ncismelanie_for this)

HouseDetectives took the Challenge and won some RT

Our Detective in Oklahoma won two RTs

Also, our Smiling Detectivetook the challenge herself and won another RT by Peter Blake.

Detective in Oklahoma talked to us about "Twenty Vicodin"

As I set here this morning writing this report, I am hoping that the great Peter Blake will see fit to give us a new clue today. This last week he and the HOUSE creative team, were extremely generous with clues. The desire to speculate on the fate of Gregory House M.D., is out there in the fandom and its evidence is beginning to show.
This last week, we all learned of new cast members and the name of season 8’s first episode. Peter Blake told us this episode could have been called “Dark Matter” but it has now been changed to “20 Vicodin”

Then he generously invited the fans who follow him on “Twitter” to speculate on what the title ”20 Vicodin” could possibly mean.  There is enough excitement in the fan community about the coming season that this small invitation soon turned into a “full on” contest; the PRIZE…promised to the contestants was to have their “guess” retweeted by Peter Blake himself. Both myself (the fatOlady) and The Smiling Detective (RedTulip_Ana) were lucky enough to have our theories retweeted. (I must admit this was satisfying)
The Smiling Detective had one speculation retweeted:

House called Wilson when his pills were over! Wilson arrived at the beach with "20Vicodin" and...the police! Everybody lies...”
I had 2 of my 3 guesses retweeted:

"20 Vicodin" it means the number of vicodin House had in his system when the cops arrested him" 


"Something is wrong with the Warden or the warden's kid and House charges "20 Vicodin" to diagnose him"

Now as a House Detective, I am trained to look for clues in EVERYTHING and sometimes that can be as much in what a “suspect” doesn’t say as in what he does say. My third tweet “I have an improved guess. The warden played by Michael Pare is the POTW and House requests "20 Vicodin" to save/diagnose him.” Was NOT retweeted, and interestingly enough, within a few hours the contest was terminated and Peter Blake issued this tweet “Lots of good guesses re ep 801. No one got it completely right but one person was close. (Check back in October and I'll say who.)"
“VERY interesting”, *rubs chin in contemplation*.
Okay so this added fuel to my fire and so here is my theory on House episode 8.01; you understand this is Purely speculation....HOWEVER; I believe the patient of the week for the 1st episode will be the Warden of the Prison played by Michael Pare.

The fact that Michael Pare is an accomplished  actor gave me the clue to deduce this theory since that I don’t believe he is “ONLY” cast to be involved in a few “defining” scenes with House. Then House, who is ALWAYS an opportunist and expert manipulator, requests "20 Vicodin" as payment.
Also, and just for fun I have another speculation on this 1st episode of the season.  I see in my crystal ball that Peter Blake, who appears to be “Mr. Fixit”, for the creative team and is able to expertly write them out of the corners they work themselves into, will want to GRAB the fans in a double fisted grip so we won’t even WANT to turn away.

I see Mr. Blake setting the stage for a very intense, emotional, enlightening, and touching season 8.  In this 1st I believe that House´s mother Blythe will make an appearance….and come see her wayward son in prison; however, she isn’t coming alone. Blythe also brings a friend, a very special friend, House´s...biological father.

And she has another surprise in store for House as they are now romantically involved (possibly planning to get married) since his (House’s) legal father died.

Then, my friend, the surprises are NOT over yet as Blythe reveals that our beloved anti-hero, also has a half sibling (as predicted by the wonderful NYC & London based "consulting detective” in her article “Mycroft Holmes”)
So dear friends for anyone who has said that House cannot be redeemed and there is nothing new to be learned about this wonderful character, or there are no new stories to tell, no new mysteries to solve, I say hold onto your seats and don’t take your eyes off the screen...this season is going to be a VERY good year. Woohoo
What do you think? 

Do you want to join to our Detective in Oklahoma in her theory and excitement?