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Let Me Introduce Myself: I am the HouseDetective from Israel.

I was born in USSR, and made alia in I live in Israel with my family. I have 12 old daughter. I am teacher of math, but in my dreams I all my life wanted to be detective!

"House" seems to me very thoughtful and clever show, things do not lie on the surface and the real meaning is always hidden deeply.
Always had the feeling that the authors play with the audience in some game of the mind, putting hints in the series.
The Opening of House Season 8  Where in the World is House?
So, House was driven down the rabbit hole at the end of Season 7. How can the writers save him and this show? How do WE  see the journey progressing?   What will they come up with to show our hero's return to PPTH?
The TV series suffered a terrible blow with the Season Finale as well as the shocking departure of Lisa Edelstein for Season 8.
Will Lisa return for an arc on House? Will she be there at the Series Finale? What if she never returns? So many questions. If you intend on watching Season 8 or aren't certain but leaning on a "yes" vote, We want YOU to share your thoughts here.We know that everyone is still healing from recent events.

Let's try to look ahead.Where do we see House as Season 8 begins? 
Happy to hear all comments if they are respectful. This posting is intended for those who plan on CONTINUING ALONG THE JOURNEY and are still interested in this series. If you aren't...why would you be reading this?  :)

We do not see what happens to House during his absence. Season 8 begins with the proceedings or a police interrogation. (Yes, "jumping ahead" is universally disliked" but a definite possibility) 
We learn that Cuddy had withdrawn all charges against House, confirmed that he was in a state of shock post operatively, as well as under the influence of unstudied drugs. She asked the hospital management to permit House to work on the same site. She quits and goes to another state. House returns to work in PP.

We will see House working in  a run-down hospital in the middle of nowhere with very little access to proper equipment or medicine (penicillin drugs only and no diagnostic equipment.)We know at first glance that this is in another part of the world where people are very poor and have little if any medical attention. He treats the local people. There is a woman doctor working there as well. She is a brilliant diagnostician and a medical genius, much like House. At first they did not get along. But then will be establish between them understanding. And they have become close friends. There is an extreme situation. Epidemic among the local population. And House saves many lives. The newspapers write about him.American detectives will recover him. At the request of the Government of this Country removed him from prosecution (because of his good deeds). PP offers a guide to his colleague to head his department. And together they returned to the United States.

We see House in some exotic country, together with a local young woman. He is not practicing medicine, and it's possible he works part-time as a pianist at a local bar or club.A young girl is very attached to him, and follows him around like a puppy. She does not know his history. She does not know that he is a doctor and fears that he will dump her. He tells her that he has left behind his previous life with no more ties there and he's happy with this. At this time, we may show House's team, who lead the old life. There is a NEW dean of medicine (to be discussed at a later date) and a new head of the Diagnostic Department instead of House. Maybe we'll see Wilson, who speaks with a detective, which is looking for House. Don't worry- it's NOT Lucas! About Cuddy, we learn that she's gone and has dropped the charges against House. We cut back to House and the young girl and suddenly someone in her family becomes seriously ill- House steps in, takes over and makes a diagnosis. Information about the doctor-genius will leak out and House will become well known in this local town. This information becomes available to the detectives in the U.S. and they set out to track and find him. He will be arrested and extradited. We'll see a trial in which prosecution lawyers can prove that all he did was in postoperative shock which affected his mental acuity and judgment. He will lose his license for six months. He will be ordered by the judge into a rehabilitation facility. He will have a supervisor appointed, which might be Wilson. Another possibility is that the court will give him PROBATION and that he will perform this in PPTH. He will work there for free, with no right to make decisions independently.

Please feel free to add your own version of where you think House will be and what he will be doing. Please remember: No vulgarity, bashing, nastiness. We are happy to review and post properly submitted comments.

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