The game´s afoot! Join us!

Yeah. You know us. We’re HouseDetectives and we’re back. We may turn out to be the cure for the common House fan or what ails you.

Chances are good that if you’re reading this, you haven’t totally given up on watching the show. Maybe you’re curious about where the journey will end or maybe you just want to see how DS and Co. dig House out of the hole it’s currently in or maybe you want to see if LE actually does return at some point during next year. We don’t care which of these or other possible reasons have resulted in your finding us. We’re just very glad you have.

We are four remarkable women with individual and independent minds. This means that we do not speak as “one” and chances are, you will find at least one of us who thinks along similar lines as you with regard to “House”.

We are snarky, clever, witty detectives who are sometimes “dead on accurate” and other times, not so much. We follow House clues wherever they may lead…even into a total abyss or a dead end.  There are four of us right now and we’d like to tell you a little about ourselves, our mission and why you should read our upcoming columns.

I am a NYC & London based "consulting detective” known for my intellectual prowess, astute observation, deductive reasoning, and forensic skills. Together with HouseDetectives (of equal or surpassing competence) from Spain, Israel and Oklahoma, we intend to create a new dialogue and travel down each road of House's final journey.

HouseDetectives are independent thinkers who don’t march in lock step. We see our mission as an important one: to begin a new dialogue where we think, discuss, plan and observe all manner of things “House”. After all, we think that TPTB could use all the help they can get and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve either signed on for the complete journey or you’re still on the fence. We will have a weekly column and you will play a vital role as you send ideas, clues, comments and“items for consideration”. Informants often have connections with persons a detective would not be able to approach formally. YOU will be our version of “The Baker Street Irregulars”. 

You will be our eyes and ears. You will be happy here because everyone is welcome- regardless of their point of view. Of course, we expect-no, demand that you behave in the manner, which befits all HouseDetectives. You are polite, courteous and never sink to “name calling” to defend your case. You are smarter than that and besides we will monitor the comments and edit where necessary. 

Welcome and get out your trench coat. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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