Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it all in HOUSE´S HEAD?

We got to thinking, as we often do ,that perhaps there is meaning (as in a clue) for Why House seemingly does not go home? Add to this all the news we learned few days ago and "the game's afoot" once again. If you are a spoilerphobe...this is NOT the article for you to read. And so, now that you've had "fair warning" goes.

Do we really believe House hasn't returned home? If so, it is to "play" with Foreman's head and make him stay into the night to monitor House? Do we really believe it has something to do with the ducklings or the new team? No, we don't either.

Is there any darn good reason
why House is seemingly living at PPTH?

What's one of the first things he places in his office/home? A couch, of course, which he sleeps on, a mini bar where is makes up those super sized martinis. House, the man who has had some difficulty with alcohol, knows that these are the essentials of setting up a diagnostics area.

Breaking down walls. Symbolic? To be closer to Wilson he breaks down walls when he is only a knock of a door away. The mention of one month of solitary confinement while he was knocking on the door was very sad. The knocking down of Wilson's wall has some subtextural thing going on. Loneliness? Still wanting to break down confining walls? These things are not presented in a sinister foreboding way but are they trying to trick the audience that all House needed was his team back? Somehow, we think the man is not going to be just satisfied with that. Somehow, we think this might be leading to something like thebrain injury idea which was so well covered last season by numerous bloggers as well as ourselves @#HouseDetectives.

Why would we say this? Will we ever stop looking for clues?
Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

We were given some clues few days ago when it was announced that the fallout from the visit Jeffrey Wright will make...will be felt throughout this season of House. House DOES something. afraid. Be very afraid because the last time we heard something like this....KABOOM!

Wright is cast as a renowned neurologist who is both Foreman’s mentor and the arbitrator of House’s fate (The actual plot of the episode, including details regarding what triggers Wright’s arrival, remains a closely-guarded secret)

Why would House need an arbitrator?
You guessed it. He "does" something which requires this.

Here, in one fell swoop is the opportunity for GY and House writers to finally make some sense (although a bit late to the party) of why on earth House has acted the way he has (pick your own adjective) for a great portion of Season 7 and into Season 8 now.

It comforts us to think that all the clues from last season were not for naught. It comforts us to think of this as an opportunity to get House back to a place where he can confront his major issues and finally put to rest the idea that this character we have loved so long and so well...has "turned" and changed to the dark side. No, it won't be a cure-all panacea, but it would go a long way to explaining many of the character issues so much of the fan base has had with the way House-the character has been written over this extended period of time.

Is there something wrong with House's brain?
Is there some operation in House's future?
Will this somehow "reboot" his pain center and is any of this even possible?

We need closure (if this is to be the last season of House, which we will all know soon) on many fronts: His pain, his addiction, his relationships, his state of mind. We would like to see some storylines pursued and even if there is no closure...some of those storylines should not have been relegated under "G". Some characters like Wilson's brother and House's family should have had more depth and review. But even if "those" stories never return, House's state of mind, his addiction and his pain and, certainly, his ability to have relationships and maintain them are key to any last season.
Do we hope that TPTB go there? You bet we do and we hope that all the marvelous clues we saw last year (especially all the x-rays and MRI's) did have meaning.

What do YOU think?
Will House undergo surgery due to a brain injury?
Why is House in the center of an examination x-ray board?

Well, you know, we are the HouseDetectives, we will always go further than anyone. Our job is not only looking for clues, we also ask you, we also make you think and we also have "crazy" ideas that we always want to share with you. So, you decided to come here, you decided to continue we want you to think and talk. We never wanted you having your mouth closed...

When one person (David Shore, here) creates a series or a character, he/she must have in mind the beginning and the end for this series or character (things which happen in the middle are pure entertainment or necessary information in order to understand the plot).

Have you ever asked yourself about the meaning of House´s journey?

Have you ever asked yourself about the end of this journey? Have you ever asked yourself about the beginning of this journey? HouseDetectives are always asking ourselves about all of that. So, now, please, forget all your old thoughts and open your mind to something different...

Do you know what?

Do you remember all the times you have seen House in a hospital bed?

Is House only a man inside the mind of another man?

Is it possible House could be a man in coma? Could be House dreaming his life? We do not know how he could go into this situation. But, in our mind, is growing the idea of House being a man in coma who lives in a hospital. (Maybe, he is in coma since his leg´s infartion.) You know, doctors say people in coma hear and feel. So House could be a man in coma living in a hospital all these seven years (or even more, but we only know about this man since 2004, when the series began).
Do you remember "Son of coma guy"? The man is a man who was in coma for 10 years and wake up after taking some "drugs" which House gave him only for trying to cure his son. Well, keep it in mind, please! Do you remember "Locked in"? After having a bike accident House met a man in ER who doctors believed is dead, but he discover that the patient only has an injured brain which didn´t allow him to move or speak. Interesting, believe us, keep it in mind please!

If I´m dreaming my life

Coma, from the Greek word "koma," meaning deep sleep, is a state of extreme unresponsiveness, in which an individual exhibits no voluntary movement or behavior. The causes of a coma state could be: Brain diseases, methabolic problems or intoxication (poisoning, drugs, alcohol...induced coma).

Do you remember how many times House was in a "induced coma"? Three Stories, No Reason or Wilson Heart. Do you remember how many times House was hallucinating or dreaming? Top Secret or Both Sides Now. Since his infartion, House was in induced coma, almost three times; and since he is in vicodin, well, do you know Mayfield? But...

Are you sure the rest of time House is not sleeping?

Maybe he is a real doctor or maybe not. Well, at this point, we think he really is a doctor and even he really is the best doctor in the world, but now, he is a man in coma living in a hospital, dreaming or hallucinating most part of the time. During all these years a lot of doctors have been visiting him at hospital. These doctors are his team. These doctors have been trying to cure him. He is the boss of these doctors, he is the brain of all this crazy story.

Do you remember how was the beginning of this story?

Well, this was the story of a "new" Diagnostic Department created specially for him, a department which didn´t exist in any other hospital. A woman, Dean of Medicine, Lisa Cuddy, old friend of House, old love-interest and also an important part in his actual leg´s situation, created this special department for him. This man could be sleeping since that moment but he was able to create his own world in his mind. He is the boss of the team of doctors. He has to solve the puzzle. He is the Sherlock who has to solve the puzzle of his own life. Even his own address is Sherlock's house! Vicodin could be part of his treatment (or another Drug which he names as Vicodin) Maybe, it is a drug the team is using to try his brain reacting, as in "Son of coma guy"; or maybe it is a drug used for provoking the induced coma state, as in "Wilson Heart".
Do you remember Stacy? One of the worst problems with coma patients is with their families. So, who knows, but, if we think House is in this state, since his first leg´s surgery, Stacy, his girlfriend, who abandoned him because she felt always alone, really was not able to stay beside his bed all the time. Could it be the reason of House´s problems with relationships? Stacy, Cuddy, his mother...even Wilson sometimes. Why do you think Wilson is always there for him? Is Wilson the only (House´s friend) who can resist this situation?

Is it possible House would be the real POTW in so many episodes?

House is a series which always has been showing us a paralelism between the POTW and the storyline around each episode. Is that the way David Shore and writers are using for telling us "something" more?

House and his bosses

When a person has an injured brain he is not own of his actions, but he/she is own of his feelings. These could be sexual feelings, own insticts that a person, even in coma, cannot avoid, for example...How many hookers have you seen in the series? Even his boss in the hospital was a sexy woman. This woman was practically the director of his life. Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine, was his obsesion during all these years. It is possible that in this induced coma state his mind made him believe that this woman was the Dean of Medicine, but in reality she only was his old friend and love-interest who was beside him all these years since he was in coma. Maybe, she was there all these years as the doctor who was in the hospital when his leg´s infartion. Maybe she ocuppied the void created after Stacy´s leaving. And, of course, as Stacy, she abandoned him at some point because she felt alone when she more needed him. It is possible Cuddy left visiting him because she was suffering (even knowing since the begining the real situation), and House´s mind decides killing his thoughts about her, crashing his car on her house (simbolic).

After that "simbolic" incident we learned that a doctor of his "team", a neurologist, started to be the new "Dean of Medicine", and again this DoM is the boss of his job and also the boss of his life. But now is different, now he is not own of his actions (remember the bracelet), neither of his feelings. Is it possible that Eric Foreman, as neurologist, is playing with House´s brain Now, Foreman is own of House´s life. Remember, that he was the one who went to jail and brought him back to the Hospital. Remember, that after Mayfield was also Foreman the responsible of his department.

Why is Foreman the Dean of Medicine now? Why was Foreman his boss after Mayfield? Is he only the boss on House´s mind? Has House´s brain stopped thinking and that is the reason he is not going home anymore? Why was Foreman so worried about House at the end of Season 7?

Why Foreman´s mentor will be House´s fate arbitrator? The man who will change the sense of this Season...Will be this new doctor the one who discovers a new treatment for this patient who is in coma for a lot of years? Will House DOES something that will suppose a great STEP in his coma state?

Will be that the beginning of the end of the series? Well, maybe we are crazy and House is House and he has an injured brain due to take too much vicodin, or maybe all Season Seven is a dream after the crash in Help me, or maybe those new changes are only about this season and not about all the series and has nothing to do with House´s brain.

David Shore:

House is not a medical series, but a series that contains medicine in it”

Turning House into a happy man means the death of House as a character”

My body is a cage

If it will be last season David Shore will tell us the truth. A unhappy man, always angry, a jerk...Is it possible that he is only a man trying to wake up of this long 'journey'? Obviously this journey will end with the death of House, because he is only a man inside the mind of another man. Will we discover House is only a man in coma, who never will be happy because he is in the jail of his own body, until he will wake up of this state.