Monday, March 26, 2012



"It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment." ~ A Study in Scarlet

In recent days we have received a lot of information from journalists, writers and even the creator of the series:  Olivia Wilde will be back for the final episode, Kal Penn (aka Kutner) may return, Lisa Edelstein will not return to the series, the title of the episode directed by Hugh Laurie and the called arc series finale (House's arc)...Lots of information, many emotions... 

Series creator David Shore tells TVLine that a storyline will kick off in late April that will “build” to the show’s swan song. “The final four episodes are, to some extent, [part] of a piece,” he explains. “But the last one is very, very much a much separate culmination of those episodes".

So, we could say that Hugh´s episode will be 
the beginning of the end...
"The C-word"

We know that many people feel that David Shore will not leave us with any hope at the end. We will not truly know this until it IS final and the finale is over. We guess that we are the "glass half full" type of people because there COULD be hope.

There are almost too many clues as of late and so it falls upon us, dear readers, to try our best to discuss intelligently those that have come our way.  Let’s begin our discussion or “Great Game” with tweets and pictures from one of the writers on set Kath Lingenfelter, who usually is online and takes her time to talk nicely with fans, We also have other sources of information,such as Peter Blake, Alex Solether and our own secret sources (we ARE HouseDetectives you know).

The C-Word

The episode 19 is the beginning of the end, and its title as we have said, is the C-word, but are we sure that the name has something to do with the future development of the series? Perhaps the title has nothing to do with it, and be something else, so this may well turn out to be..... Red Herring #1
Of course, this brings [C]ANCER to everyone’s mind. We think this is a little too pat and not near clever enough for these writers. It could be the word[C]HANGEor [C]OMMITENT - the possibilities are almost endless. It could be even a succession of severals [C] So, we are going to one of our previous points: Is House in a [C]OMA? (where have we heard THIS before?) or under anesthesia or [C]ROSSING OVER”? Will he encounter Kutner and possibly even Amber as well in the "crossing over" stage?  

Do they talk him out of “staying on the bus” or taking his own life? Will it be up to the audience to decide whether House gets off the bus or not? Open ending here.
Our  plea to DS includes modeling at least SOME of the ending on Holmes.  
Holmes didn’t die…neither did Watson.
Of course, we fee that former cast members COULD BE assembled for a funeral. Another area we find too disturbing to focus on, other than to mention here fleetingly.
After spending months over a year ago [C]ONVINCED that this was all a dream, we’re not so anxious to relive recycled ideas. Is it possible House gives his life to save someone else? A bit more on this later.
 Would it really be so terrible to let us imagine House leading a different life somewhere else?  

Doing something else?  Why couldn't there be a scenario where House does something [C]RIMINAL (like assisting in 13's euthanizing) and faces the possibility now of LIFE IN PRISON.  Of course, we know 13 is comming back for the series finale but WHAT if that episode is only going to tell HOW House arrives at his destination (flashback?). 

Surely, this would be reason enough to try and make him look for "ways out" of the situation. We're not necessarily channeling BBC's Sherlock here but as we stated above...Holmes comes back after The Reichenback Falls as all fans of the Great Detective know. Why so hard to believe where House is [C]ONCERNED? Surely, it would be infinitely easier for House to create a "faked death" than almost anyone else on earth.
Dr. Gregory House could do something SO NOBLE that it just might make a lasting legacy. 
We know that he is tremendously courageous and we have no trouble seeing a scenario where he might give up his life to save someone else. In fact, we’ve seen him place himself in situations where he was willing to give up his life for someone else (Amber). When asked, he told Stacy that of course he would give up his leg to save her life if it was necessary.  Maybe this is the House legacy.

Brilliant doctor, saved so many lives which most thought lost and then gives up his own life to save someone else. 

For those who see the glass half empty, it's possible that this is the scene that so many of us have dreaded for so long.  A House death has actually become "predictable" over the years. We have ALL thought of his death so many times before and we have been shown the possibility of this as a probable "eventuality" along the journey. A Wilson death is quite a different story. While many or most have thought of this, it is usually in the vein of "worst case scenario" and something which we try our best to remove from our minds the moment it enters. This is NOT an acceptable ending for us here at Housedetectives.  A Wilson death is one we could never conscience because this would leave House alone. We know how House feels about this. 

Wilson: Call me a doormat, get it all out of your system, but I'm doing it.
House: Why?
Wilson: He's my friend.
House: I'm your friend. All the pain pills I've taken. What if I need your liver?
Wilson: Right. How selfish of me not to have considered your possible future needs.
House: They're all dying. They're all your friends.
Wilson: I'm not here for an argument, House.
House: No, right, that's room 12A. So why are you here? Want to make sure that I’ve called the moving van?
Wilson: No. The operation is in two hours, and I'd like you to be there with me.
House: No.
Wilson: What-- why?
House: Because if you die, I'm alone.
So here we have our Red Herring #2 We will study some hints from the filming of Episode 20, and we will try to link them to other information that we already know (just happened or "yet to happen")

Here we see a large moving van (left side of picture) on the set and there is filming proceeding at night time. 
What are we to glean from the information given us?
“In ten minutes, RSL's performance will tear out these people's hearts?

We can DEDUCE that possibly: Wilson is moving, moving on or crossing over? Is he ripping out our hearts because something horrible happens to House? Is the van there to move House equipment? Seems odd placement, but still a possibility. Do you think the van is even relevant to the scene or are these “House Movers” on set? 
Again someone House really loves leaving him alone?

To see either House or Wilson without the other, is simply too painful. What’s left for House if this happens? Of course, a child of one or the other would change this scenario quite a bit.  A little part of them continuing on in the world. So here the Red Herring #3 Clues can change in an instant. For all we know, the concept of a Wilson or House "son" somewhere may give some of us great comfort for all kinds of reasons, but it might not be true. It is not a yet. Most of what this article discusses are IDEAS and Speculation for that is all we have now and there are many things which are NOT impossible and so many possibilities for the truth ( a la Conan D'oyle's philosophy)
“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Does House or Wilson have a son and what’s that story about? This is one BIG RED HERRING, we fear. It seems like Wilson has the son but the scene from a promo of an upcoming episode, is “odd”, as it seems as though Wilson is asking a rhetorical question like… “I have an 11 year old son”?. Some have researched imdb and found the guest stars for the episode and say that there is a multi racial child who is listed as a guest. Is it possible that is only will be a joke from House to Wilson? Is it possible, as Barbara Barnett suggested that Wilson faked House´s DNA? Is it possible that House discovered that and only wanted to give Wilson that "fake" son? Yes, House fans will stop at nothing to get a lead.
But the [C]HILD rumour is not new, lots of people were talking about that possibility before the C-word was revealed.So here we have our Red Herring #4 The baby factor. 
Is it possible there is a baby involved somewhere? Could this be D’s baby? Could this be C's baby? If it were "D"s", would she not want to raise it? Might there be technicalities preventing her from staying here? We could see a scenario where Wilson could end up raising a House child. 

Is it a Wilson child? After looking at some timelines, if Wilson has 11 year old son it could be Sam´s. Why she would give up her child is anybody's guess.Of course, anyone Wilson was with during the fixed time construct, could well be the mother. Not impossible. Do you remember when Lucas investigated Sam? If he discovered something? Had House read the papers? Did House know that Sam had a child from Wilson? Did he leave it pass but then he decided to fake thouse Sam´s analysis that provoken Wilson and Sam break up?
In "The Confession", Wilson tells Foreman "if you ever hear me mention anything about wanting kids, please free to punch me in the liver." At the time Wilson said this he was pushing the "Taubettes" around the front desk. Wilson referred to the "Taubettes" as Satan's alarm clock. So it does appear as if Wilson didn't know at the time he said that that he had a child. We hope this is something House proves to be wrong if a Wilson child is "claimed". 

While checking to see if Dominika or Blythe are mentioned in the credits for this upcoming episode (they aren't), we checked the guest actors' names and none of them are the boy playing "Wilson's son". Still...IMBD S8 Episode 8X15 lists the only child actor listed is Sayeed Shahidi, 8 years. His character's name is EVAN. However, he does not look anything like the little boy in the promo. This child looks bi-racial. Here's a link to his page  But later:

SO they may be the ones regarding Wilson's son? We could see a Road Trip to find Wilson’s brother though. That would be amazing.  Of course, an H baby, raised by Wilson would be amazing as well. Maybe a Wilson baby raised by House? Either scenario signals a huge “[C]HANGE” with a capital “C” and that rhymes with P and that stands for “poo”. See what we did there? Tied two things together. 

Here’s what we'd LOVE to see:

A Road Trip with Serious H/W discussions.  Almost exclusively H/W centric episodes. A Journey to find themselves  and discussion of several "hanging" plot lines, helping to make sense out of it all. The writers should [C]ONFRONT (there’s a “C” word) the issues we wanted resolution to and not shy away from them. After all…if not now...when? 

Focus on drama. Real drama which will show  H/W for the human beings they are. Not the silly video game playing guys but the “stuff they’re made of”. We had more than enough of the silliness and that time has long since passed. Give us something meaningful, something to make sense out of the challenges that life brought to them and how they faced them. What have they learned? How have they grown?

After all that Dr. House has meant to fans worldwide, we hope that he is shown to be the  courageous man we always knew he was. We want any House legacy to be one which focuses on the character "House" and is true to his journey. Both the fans  and this iconic character deserve this.


  1. Hmm. Wilson's middle name is Evan...

  2. I don't see a House child here, unless it was Cuddy's. It is possible that one of Wilson's extramarital affairs produced an illegitimate child. I would not think it was Sam's. But remember if we do the math, he was married to Julie eleven years ago. First Sam, then Bonnie, finally Julie.

    Why in hell would Wilson fake the DNA test? I know it's a possibility but seriously, why?

    If Wilson does have a child, it's possible the two take one last road trip together because if Wilson is now responsible for the child, gone are the days of bachelors playing games, drinking and spending raucous nights out at strip bars. Now, Wilson would have to be Mr. Responsibility (more so than before).

    We still do not have final word that LE will not be back for the finale. Neither she nor Shore have said anytihng. Also, Ausiello's article was misleading. He quoted Shore saying OW will be back but then referenced his own 2/28 article where HE (Ausiello) quotes LE's statement from August 2011 that as of that date she had not been asked back yet. LE never declined to participate in the finale and neither she nor Shore have made statements that she will not be back. So who knows?

    I wouldn't mind seeing House, after a soul searching journey with Wilson, in the end take off to go find Cuddy.

  3. Congratulations on your determination to think about such elusive ideas!
    Whatever happens, I hope that the finale will leave House ambiguously alive, allowing for some future development in some, non-Hollywood, milieu.
    House Detectives and HouseMDProject, raise the bar on all of this.
    Love to you all!
    2Lightworker :-)

  4. Jess- That's quite interesting. In the Ausiello article, he wrote that as "he previously said" (which was not so- as we checked) LE was asked and declined to participate in the finale. Are you saying that he just made this up then? I suppose anything is possible. You're right about no "Official" word from DS or LE though. They do like to play games..don't they? Thank you for your comments

  5. Thank you SO MUCH, 2lightworker. We hope the finale leaves House 'ambiguously alive" as well and we thank you for your always reasoned and intelligent comments. You're a breath of fresh air!

  6. This may not related with the "c" word but I remember DS mentioned that the end of house is not gonna be a happy ending. Does it related with "blowing the whistle" promo?? At least start with house's illness O_o Talking about the "c" word, i'm thinking about cures! The cures for house's illness! Haha! Does it make any sense?

  7. The "c" word may be refering to what House and Nolan were talking about in the 2-part episode while House was in Mayfield. "Wilson is not a "c"onsolation prize".
    In episode 18 Body and Soul Wilson will tell House very important news, after that is episode 19 The "c" word. In one of the pictures from episode 18 Wilson is facing the window and outside the window is raining which in House always means drama time. In ep 19 House and Wilson are on a road trip so it could be refering to the episode Birth Mark from season 5 where House is driven to the funeral of his not bio-dad. If the "c" word is "consolation" it could mean that the important news Wilson tells House about are not good. What could be the news? I've no idea. It could be anything about anything or anyone. Maybe House's mother is dead or something happens in Wilson's family. In other words it could mean that one of them or both of them would need consolation.
    But we all will know the moment we see the promo or at least the summary for this episode. Or better actually, after we watch this episodes :D
    Oh and I like your article. Very good ideas what could the "c" word be.
    And sorry for my English it's not my native language.

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