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If I Were The Writer: Dark Matter & Characters We'd Like To See In House-Season 8

We now know Peter Blake has called the premiere episode of House Season 8 
"Dark Matter”


What is dark matter? Well, it's a term often used to express a lack of understanding as to what's happening; and so it seems very appropriate and logical for this episode. Of course, you could say that Season 7 was mostly "Dark Matter" to most of the fans as we sadly didn't understand what was happening either to House the character or House the show much of the time. We searched for a way to explain all the inconsistencies in character and plot only to be in a very “dark” place indeed at the end of Season 7. If "Dark Matter" turns out to be the actual title for the opener, it will refer to many things as the episode title always does. Has Cuddy disappeared? Does someone have cancer? (dark matter) Is the "dark matter" also about the inner conflicts Dr. House and/or the mess he would find himself in legally after driving into Cuddy's house?-that's if this is all "TV Reality" and not a coma/dream/hallucination.

It may be that Cuddy's departure will remain for us, "dark matter" that would never adequately be explained. Hard as it is to say this but they might just mention her name at the beginning of the Season 8, to say that she's gone and never return to this subject again. It would be unfair, but it can not be excluded as an option Or they might refer to her throughout the season if they know she may be returning at some point. It's a mystery for now.

There are many reasons to believe that the universe is full of "dark matter", matter that influences the evolution of the universe gravitationally, but is not seen directly in our present observations. 
Dark matter may be invisible but it accounts for most of the Universe's mass. Its gravitational attraction acts as a template, pulling normal matter - the stars in their galaxy groupings  into the large-scale structures we can see through telescopes.
As we enter the 8th Season of House M.D. we do not understand what is happening with House. What is he thinking/feeling standing on the beach in the last frame? Is this reality or have we morphed already into some fantasy world which we all thought would occur LAST SEASON but didn't? Many of the fans would be happy to find out that much of what we witnessed at the end of Season 7 wasn’t all real. We wanted to wake up from this nightmare and now we’re entering a time warp.

The Ausiello "time warp" blind item certainly seems to be about House. Stating that a "popular TV Series with a one word title will see their season start at the beginning of Season 8- immediately after Season 7 .At some point DURING the actual episode we FAST FORWARD in time. Well, the writers had to do SOMETHING to explain Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein’s) absence from the show; and if this is the plot device they've chosen, what can we do? Whose to say that they won't now visit one of the MAIN plot devices fans thought they would surely use during Season 7 (that of a hallucination or other issue) to define and explain away House's actions at the end of Season 7 finale.

Maybe we see House (already sitting in his office at PPTH) or in his apartment playing his piano (wouldn't THAT be nice?) and he will receive a phone call. Perhaps he is asked to return to the hospital as he is needed for a very hard case and they can't help without him, etc. The new boss may be an elderly man, who replaces the father figure to House.

Maybe House is on the run from the law. This would be very kewl as if this is not a dream/hallucination or coma scenario...he needs to answer for his actions.
I think some of the actors such as Bob Gunton, Dylan Baker or Victor Garber would look good as new boss House. A wise, knowledgeable man who can deal with House but not in the mode of a Tritter or Vogler. Someone that perhaps House can eventually come to respect but who is still capable of dealing with him.

Bob Gunton


Victor Garber


Along the path to this “respect”we can enjoy the intellectual duels and interesting plot twists between the two men.
Dylan Baker

A Pox on Our House (2010) … Dr. Dave Broda)
Edit: "White Collar" grabbed him after this article was published.
A new woman (in great need on this show) who is strong, determined, and patient but who is not someone to try and replace Cuddy,as this is impossible. An older woman, strong and accomplished in her field who won’t be “played” by House and who is capable of running PPTH.

Lots of “fantasy” names have been suggested for the actress to play this role. Someone like Glenn Close ( who Hugh Laurie has acted with before) or Allison Janney would be perfect. We’ll see who they cast in this most important role soon enough. 


Perhaps the team will receive a new woman doctor. Maybe we will see the inclusion of BOTH a new female TEAM member and a new Female Head of PPTH.  It is unlikely for the new team member to be someone young, as this will be a repetition of the history with Masters and recycled ideas are not so good. It would be nice to incorporate a married woman with children, to the team, because someone in this series should finally have a “perfect” family- or at least “married with children”. Let’s write her as capable, strong and able to handle the stresses of both her personal and professional life. Is this too much to ask?House's interaction with her children should be fun to watch as Hugh Laurie is masterful with children and a nice change of pace from bachelors, singles,divorcee's or Taub's marital problems.

It would be interesting if Wilson  found someone of substance to date once more. The Wilson/Amber arc was made of “win” and as is typical of what happens with “win” on this show…it was ended.
We’d like to see Wilson date someone who is not the brunt of jokes for House and who can deal with them both.

 Whose on Your List of Characters You'd Like To See in House, Season 8?

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