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What we can expect about the first episode of Season 8? The writer...

A research project is a study of a phenomenon or act, which can be physical or social.The main findings are presented in an orderly way in a document. The study is based on existing documents and/or surveys and interviews. 
The first step is to ask what we want to investigate (objective) and what we do.The aim of our work determines the type of research we have to do: If for achieve our goal we have to consult books, will be a work of bibliographical research. But if for achieve our goal we need to do surveys or interviews to gather information, it will be a research field.

Well, we know what we want to do:
  • ObjectiveSeason 8, Episode 1.
  • It seems obvious that we need to do field work.
We will begin our work with a very easy question: Who will write the first episode? We started investigating and found the answer at twitter: Peter Blake, will be responsible for this first episode.

Ah, perfect! Follow his tweets and see what happens.

That's it? So, he is not going to say anything more? Well, we must continue to investigate with other ways. 
But since we got him, Is it not interesting to know more about this writer? Perhaps knowing his previous works as a writer for episodes of House MD, we get an idea of what we have to expect about this first episode.

Let's start, then...
Well, we know all the episodes in which this writer has participated. But for our research we are only going to consider those episodes in which he has been the sole writer. We know that perhaps we are ignoring such important episodes as House's Head, Help me, or even the fateful Moving On … But one of the research work is focused on what's important to know. We need to focus on Peter Blake as the only screenwriter. 

  • Episode 04 - “Maternity” Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: Newton Thomas Sigel
  • Episode 18 - "Babies & Bathwater" Written by: Story by: Peter Blake Teleplay by: Peter Blake & David Shore Directed by: Bill Johnson
  • Episode 08 - "The Mistake" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: David Semel
  • Episode 16 - "Safe" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: Felix Alcala
  • Episode 05 - "Fools for Love" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: David Platt
  • Episode 01 - "Alone" Written by: Story by: Peter Blake Teleplay by: Peter Blake & David Shore Directed by: Deran Sarafian
  • Episode 07 - "The Itch" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
  • Episode 11 - "Joy to the World" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: David Straiton
  • Episode 18 - "Here Kitty" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: Juan J. Campanella
  • Episode 04 - "The Tyrant"  Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: David Straiton
  • Episode 12 - "Remorse" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: Andrew Bernstein
  • Episode 04 - "Massage Therapy" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: David Straiton
  • Episode 11 - "Family Practice" Written by: Peter Blake Directed by: Miguel Sapochnik

After an exhaustive analysis of the episodes written by Peter Blake , we might conclude that he is a specialist in dealing with difficult moments. We can see it specially in episodes like “Alone” or “The Itch”.

We will try to expose the most relevant of each episode, which is not necessarily the case to solve.

In “Maternity” a number of newborn babies acquire unknown diseases simultaneously. Finally, the death of babies is caused by a virus, transmitted foolishly, by a person sick responsible for carrying of toy cars and clothes.

But in this episode we have to highlight something else: House orders Cameron to tell the deceased baby's parents and that their son has saved five more babies' lives. But she tenses up, almost unable to speak with them. When Cameron is in House's office, he begins questioning her about her behavior concerning this case, and deduces that she has either gone through not a lot of death, or too much death. This is one of the few times that House is seen as truly caring about his employees, though it shows more in his face than in his actions. We learn later on in the series the cause of Cameron's hardship with loss.

"Babies & Bathwater" is just the one after Cameron´s resignation (she will return later).

Also this is the episode where Cuddy demonstrates the great importance that House suppose for PPTH. Vogler tries to convince the board of directors to dismiss House. When Wilson stands up for House, Vogler calls for his dismissal from the board. Wilson chooses to resign from the hospital. Since the original motion to fire House was defeated, the Board must wait one business day before re-voting on the issue, as per the Board's bylaws. At the next meeting, Cuddy votes "No"; this prompts Vogler to call for her immediate dismissal also. After giving an impassioned speech to the rest of the Board, Cuddy walks out. It is later discovered that the Board, instead of voting to fire House and Cuddy, voted to dismiss Vogler as Chairman of the Board. This causes the departure of Vogler and his $100 million, which will have negative budget effects on the hospital.

The mistake” is an extremely difficult episode to understand where everything happens through flashbacks.

This episode takes place just after Stacy got angry with House because he has consulted her psychological reports with the sole purpose of re-approach her. The origin of the new case that faces the team of House happened months ago but a lawsuit filed by a family member makes that the events are relived again and again, according to the different versions that the protagonists expose to Stacy when she is preparing the defense. At the end we know what really happened: Chase received a call from her stepmother, announcing the death of his father just when the patient arrived at the hospital. Chase, who could not say goodbye to his father was upset with the news. After the declaration of House and Chase, the committee makes a decision. Chase has lied will only be suspended for a week because his behavior was a reaction to the death of his father. Although House will have to be supervised by Foreman during a month. Finally, Stacy admits that she still has feelings for House, hinting at the possibility of them getting together again.

"Safe". Just anecdotally, the title of this episode contains many meanings that are related to its argument. On one hand "safe" is related to maternal overprotectionBut "safe" is also related to the sterile environment in which the patient should live that make her feel confined. Finally "safe" means also refers to how they should be sexual practices.

But in this episode we must highlight the relationship between House and Wilson. Two episodes ago Wilson was separated from his third wife and moved to House´s. This episode is just after House deleted a rental agent´s message to Wilson (House wants Wilson living with him). At this point they begin to have some differences of coexistenceHouse makes jokes to Wilson, for the sole purpose of having fun and to teach him to react to the unpleasant things in his life. Finally, Wilson makes a big joke to House and calls a divorce lawyer. The music, like ever, is important here: "Pain in my heart", by Otis Redding.

"Fools for Love". This is first episode where we can see the detective Michael Tritter. Interesting appearance of this character. First as a patient where House treats him badly. Second, he complains to Cuddy about House. And third, this patient is a cop who stops to House while he drives his bike.

"Who laughs last, laughs best"  or "Each one receives what each one deserves"

Either way, this is the most remarkable fact in this episode, for the consequences, which later will have the creation of this character by Peter Blake.

"Alone" With House's team all having either resigned or been fired, House tries to convince everyone that he doesn't need a team to do his job. 

This is one of the most difficult episodes of all the story of House MD. After the last episode all is going to change. Maybe, this is the more similar situation to the actual that we are living after Moving On, and yes, Peter Blake was the writter too. This is the first episode of House in which none of the members of House's original team of Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) appear. Despite this, each of the actors who portrays the characters on his former team is credited and are still under contract to appear throughout the season. The only other previous absence of any of these characters in an entire episode was Dr. Cameron in the Season One episode "Babies & Bathwater", as she had resigned, albeit temporarily. Following the case, House begins the process of selecting a new team from over forty applicants.

"The Itch" This episode is just the one after the first kiss between House and Cuddy.

This is one of the frustrastes episodes of the series. After the kiss, neither wants to admit their feelings. Making a comparison with the patient of the week, House acknowledges his feelings for Cuddy to Wilson, but ultimately will not give way, rather the opposite. However, in this episode, both House and Cuddy, will expose their feelings to the viewers.

"Joy to the world" This is one of the most important episodes of the series. This is the episode in which Cuddy adopts Rachel. After all the attempts she made finally, her wishes are granted, Cuddy will be mother.

"Here Kitty" An episode about superstitions. A cat sleeping next to people who are going to die. In this episode, the patient is certain she will die. Peter shows us, again, a House that never gives up.

"The Tyrant" This is a very interesting and controversial episode, which will be the trigger of part of the problems of season six. Chase and Cameron become part of the diagnostic team (for this episode). House returns to work in the hospital after his admission in Mayfield. The patient to be treated is a dictator, guilty of killing thousands of people. Finally Chase will err the diagnosis allowing the death.

Dibala: "Inject my IV with an air bubble. I will have another heart attack. No one will know… You tell my colonel I’m a sick dying old man who can’t be trusted… You were trying to put a gun in his hand and point it at my head. The gun is now in your hand, that is a practical difference, not a moral one. If you want me dead, then pull the trigger. It is not so easy when you have to do it yourself."
Cameron: "I guess I didn’t want you dead."

"Remorse" An emotionally charged episode, in which House receives the task to reconcile with a person from his past that he has harmed. He decides to apologize to a fellow career buteventually discovers that things did not happen as he thought. On the other hand, House istrying to draw attention to Cuddy, discovering how she and Lucas have good times together.

"Massage Therapy" In this episode, House and Cuddy, show each other their distrust of the relationship they have just begun. Neither of them is given totally to the other. Finally, they learn that they have to give in and trust.

"Family Practice" One of the most intense episodes of the series. The main patient of this episode is Arlene, who is the mother of Cuddy. Episode in which are faced personal and professional interests of the protagonists. The bad character of House, causing him to be off the case, however, Cuddy will keep him in the shade, causing a series of serious ethical problems, which will be brought to light by Masters. This serious situation will cause Arlene decides to leave the hospital.

In this episode, also reflects one of the biggest problems of Cuddy. She is able to run a hospital and deal with House every day, but she is not capable to address the problems with her mother.Finally, House gets, deal with Cuddy and she decides to confront her mother until she agrees to return to the hospital. Perhaps one of the best episodes in the history of the series.

The findings...Any good research will eventually show something...

How do you think he will face the beginning of the new season of House MD? 

As we have seen, Peter is a specialist in difficult episodes. He is a specialist also in creating problems that he then resolved. But perhaps most of their solutions to major problems are subtle, but ever great.

Is it possible to solve a problem in silence? 

It seems so. As we have seen in episodes like The Itch or Alone.

Do you think Peter will use this technique again? Peter Blake is able to solve a problem avoiding the problem (paraphrasing House) but ALWAYS making it clear in the viewer's subconscious the true feeling of the character. Speaking of House, both The Itch as Alone, House does not show his real feelings to the other characters, but Peter does show his real feelings to the viewers.

Will Peter show a regreted House? Or on the contrary, Will he show us a happy House that have released all the anger he had inside? As we have said before Peter Blake is a specialist in solving problems that he has generated. Did Peter think about it when he wrote Moving On (with Katherine Lingenfelter)...

What do you think? 
Now is your turn...

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