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Well, come on- Let's speculate! Who do you think is returning to [H]ouse? Like HouseDetectives, we can not ONLY think iwhich character would we like to see again...we have to think which character makes sense to appear on the  scene again, ok?

Who will find House after he ran from the scene of the accident?
Who will help him? 
Who will visit him if he finally, goes to jail? 
Who??...a lot of questions here!

Michael Weston, as Lucas Douglas: Well, it is possible Cuddy or Wilson hired him to find House. We have to remember that he was private detective, so...why not?
David Morse, as Michael Tritter:He is a Detective and we know that Peter Blake created this character, so it is possible he would bring him back. It could be interesting for House to meet up with  him in jail...Why not?
Sela Ward, as Stacy Warner: House will need a lawyer if he finally goes to jail, like HouseDetectives said if all we seen on the last episode is real, he will have to pay for it. So...Why not?
Karolina Wydra, as Dominika Patrova: We have to remember that Gregory House is married, though it was a green card one, he is legally married. If the police are going to look for her husband it seems possible they would first interview her. Why not?
Diane Baker, as Blythe HouseWhether Greg is a  fugitive from justice or already incarcerated, a mother is a mother. Will House visit his mother? Will he ask her for asylum? (pun intended) Will House's mother visits him in jail?...with a cake and a file....Why not?
Candice Bergen, as Arlene Cuddy: Well, we have to remember that she loved House for her daughter...What will she think now about him? Will she visit House and ask him about the crash on Lisa´s living room? It seems a possibility...a mother is mother, also for Lisa...Why not?
Paula Marshall, as Julia CuddyShe was at Cuddy's house, when House, crashed his car through the Dining Room.  It seems "natural" then that Julia might be someone who might accuse House.
Andre Braugher, as Darryl NolanHouse definitely will need a psychiatrist: To stop using drugs again, to help with anger management and anything else he can help with. Mostly he will need a psychiatrist to help rebuild his life.To try and find himself again and he experienced moments of peace with Nolan- even though House said "Whatever the answers don't have them". We also were given to understand that this was House's last session with Dr. Nolan..perhaps a new psychiatrist is in the offing? Recently, "Men of a Certain Age" was cancelled. This would make Braugher available to our knowledge for this role.  HouseDetectives ask your help here. If it is not Nolan, who do YOU  believe it can be?
Lin-Manuel Miranda, as Juan Alvarez "Alvie": We have to remember that Alvie helps House with a patient who lost her memory, then House helps Alvie by faking DNA evidence showing Alvie's relationship to his mother, who was known to be an American Citizen. No longer being chased by authorities, Alvie leaves to join his cousin in Arizona. So, it is possible that House goes to find Alvie looking for asylum. Since his other friend (Wilson) possibly will not give him any help, House can look for someone´s friendship...Why not?

Now...Imagine that ALL we seen on the last five minutes of "Moving On" was a dream, hallucination, a coma. Not a new scenario or that EVERYTHING WE'VE SEEN IN THAT EPISODE NEVER EXISTED OR :HOUSE, SO DAMAGED AND AFFECTED BY THE TUMOR INDUCING SELF ADMINISTERED DRUG AND/OR THE VICODIN AND THE CRASH...HAS AMNESIA OR SOMETHING ELSE WHERE HE IS LOST IN HIS OWN THOUGHTS. WHY NOT? We have seen him dreaming or hallucinating a lot in the past...WHY NOT NOW?

Anne Dudek, as Dr. Amber Volakis
Kal Penn, as Dr. Lawrence Kutner 
R. Lee Ermey, as JOHN HOUSE: Whatever the situation of House at this point, it will be a difficult situation. House may at this time make a life review. In his life, his father was a great influence over him (not his biological dad) But really, we do not know much about John House, so this would be a good time. House may be wondering to himself what is now the great problem of his life. So, why not John House as Possible Hallucination or in a flashback?

And finally, our beloved and admired Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy . The majority of you will say that this character should be embedded in any list of  "Characters We Would LIke To Return"But as HouseDetectives, we can not help to name it. We all know that Cuddy's character needs a closure. Why not? Wouldn't this be the biggest spoiler of them all (so far)? Maybe if they're lucky she will return for a guest star appearance for the finale. What if Peter Blake's tweet refers to her? It's a possibility and that's why we're putting it "out there" for you to think about.

And now is your turn! 
Which guest cast will be seen returning to House?


  1. First, OMG I'd love if the guest star was Lisa, though I don't think it'll happen any time soon, perhaps towards the end of the season (a girl can dream). Now, I believe that Tritter, Stacy and Nolan are the best candidates to appear. I personally hope to see Stacy back someday (before I was a Huddy I was a Houcy, so I wouldn't mind seeing her back :D)But the best bet imo, giving the plot is Tritter. Poor House, if it's him LOL.

  2. ow, just forgot to say. I will hate if the guest is Dominika, nothing against the actress, I just hate the character. I hope she only comes back to sign the divorce papers, but maybe not even then LOL. Hopefully House will just simply say someday that he is finally divorced.

  3. André Braugher, Candice Bergen, and maybe Anne Dudek! As for Lisa Edelstein, I don't think we'll see her again in House. It's a very sad ending for her character.

  4. David Morse, as Michael Tritter (Detective), Sela Ward, as Stacy Warner (Lawyer), Andre Braugher, as Darryl Nolan (Psychotherapist) and Diane Baker, as Blythe House (Greg´s mother). These four are, in my opinion, the best shots. Especially Tritter. But it might be someone not listed in the poll. House in jail and in orange jumpsuit (or blue shirt and jeans). Interesting idea actually. Will Wilson or House's team visit him in jail? How will House deal with what he's done to Cuddy and Wilson? Is he going to lose his licence? Will he work in PPTH ever again? Is he going to change? There's a lot of questions but not many answers, only rumors and possibilities. If they (writers) will decide to jump in time 18 months in the future, the question is what happened to House in that time? What happened to Wilson and House's team? What happened to Cuddy? We know Cuddy (LE) won't be present in the 8th season, so are they're going to get rid of her permamently or will do an open leave of her character? (it means so she'll be able to guest star or come back for more than 1 eppy)
    Time will tell. I can only wait and see what the future holds for House.
    Like your blogspot site by the way.

  5. CURIOSITY..........killed the cat. Ah, but satisfaction brought him back!

  6. Time warp can be past as well as future. My speculation is that House was injured during "Help Me" when the building collapsed on top of him. He has been in a coma since. Cuddy left to get married to Lucas. Every time that House has been in a coma or other life or death situation HE has chosen to live. His scenario needed to play out. He needed to know that a relationship with cuddy would NOT work and now that he knows how that relationship would end and he is Happy on a Beach somewhere, he can now end his coma or whatever other unconscious state he is in. This is the only way the writers can lose Cuddy and get House back in PPTH. It would be nice if he awoke from his coma to find Stacy there with his child. (the product of the reunion during Need to Know). If House ever needed a reason to live, a child would make a great addition to his life.

  7. Hello! First of all, thank you very much to read, vote and comment. From HouseDetectives we thank you and we are very happy for your participation.
    As you can see, this is to see which character you believe will return to the scene, not that we'd like (obviously would be Lisa Edelstein). It's really interesting how people are defining their preferences. Right now, Stacy and Nolan go ahead.

    I have to say that the comment No. 6 (Anonymous) has left me like "a stone". I have to be honest with you. When HouseDetectives began to investigate (after Bombshells) one of the first ideas that we shuffle was precisely that House was seriously injured in Help me, and the Season 7 was a "dream".
    But I must also say that if ultimately David Shore, choose this option, it disappointed me a lot. For me, after the bad moments following Bombshells (and after repeated occasions on which writers and directors have insisted that everything was real) if the whole Season 7 has been a dream maybe I feel cheated.
    Although you are right, is the best way to give closure to the character of Cuddy and give House the option of returning to the hospital. But I sincerely hope this does not happen.
    As for your theory about Stacy is good yes, but you killed me with the child. When we put Stacy in the Poll, we never thought in his speech like "personal-sentimental" we think of it as a lawyer. HouseDetectives (so far) believes that the season 7 is real, and therefore, House has to go to jail.

    Well, alex455, yes! a lot of question here! The truth is that for now, we have few answers. The time warp (18 months) could be very significant. We know that the team (David Shore and company) must solve the disastrous end of Season 7. Moreover, the fact that Lisa Edelstein is not for the new season must be resolved properly. From HouseDetectives we hope that there is no a complete closure for the character of Cuddy. We want Lisa to go back, even only for the series finale. Whatever the choice they take, we do know that there will be a "before and after" in [H]ouse. Nothing will be the same. We also hope that this unexpected turn, would be taken advantage to dig deeper into the complex protagonist of the series. What happened in the infancy of House? We know he suffered, but What really happened? John House, get out on stage!

    Yes, W.House, Triter! It could be very interesting this new meeting between them! Houcy? Interesting...I think we all were a bit Houcy in that moment of the series, but´s very difficult imagine House with another woman not Cuddy. I hope the new season, we bring more personal moments of House himself. And let the love theme for the moment. About Dominika, no wonder she reappears on the scene. Although everything depends of that famous time warp and if, finally, all been a dream or not.

    Thanks again, you will receive news soon...

  8. We are all thinking about jail but could it be he will need again Dr. Nolan's help and so behind the bars means in Mayfield?
    What could drive him so crazy if not Cuddy's death in case he wouldn't be able to save her life? To save the life of his only love? (I'm romantic! lol)
    That could trigger him rejecting his job. He could lose the trust in himself.

    PS: Love your site ;) Congrats!

  9. The tweet doesn't say that a favorite guest will return, just that it is one of his favorite guest casts. I read it as they have assembled a guest cast for the premiere that is his favorite. I suspect that he is referring to prisoners, prison guards, etc. who will be in jail with House. There were tweets from several actors who were auditioning for House and they were definitely for prisoner roles.

  10. Well, Anonymous, I like what you say. Just in the remote possibility an old guest would appear... I WANT TRITTER IN JAIL WITH HOUSE! LOL I hated his character with all my heart. He was unable to understand House's mind and abilities. And he was so bad and perfidious in name of justice.

  11. Just a question, why Vogler is not in your list? He could be a perfect dark (matter) new DoM! IMO

  12. Aizeak

    Maybe Lydia

  13. Aizeak

    I believe that Peter Blake was involved in "No reason" ... maybe J. Moriaty

  14. Are you guys really finding this season to sound exciting? Do you think they are really going to give us the House introspection fans want, or just continue to try and wow with sensationalism and cheap tricks? The spoilers, articles and tweets that have been a part of the PR this season is not encouraging to me. It just seems like more games. The fans speculate more interesting ideas, but they seem to only want to maintain a superficial House. They still seem to be in the "let's surprise the fans" mode instead of "let's wow the fans." I hope our wishes for a more complex, deep exploration of the House character comes to light, and we don't get overrun with explorations of other characters that are "fun."