Monday, August 8, 2011

How will go House to jail?

This weekend, as The Smiling Detective, I have been researching, as could not be otherwise. After an interesting conversation on Twitter, I have brought new thinking.

(Thanks to @CoconutIce22 and @Visitkarte)

It is true, why not? We assumed that the reason, by which House goes to prison is for having crashed his car into Cuddy's house. But, it might not be the only reason. Remember that House is married "illegally" (Green Card Marriage) and that probably he carry a large stash of Vicodin.

Long ago, our NYC Detective explained the possible crimes committed by House: "The Charges Against Dr. House. Is there a Trial In His Future?"

But it is possible that the charges against House are more than one. It is also possible that the crime for which House is eventually arrested is carrying with him a good stash of Vicodin (without prescription). On the other hand, remember that House ran away from the crime scene, but we do not know how he came to the beach. Imagining that everything is real (denying a state of coma / hallucination)...What did House when he left the house of Cuddy? He left his car there (no one ran after him)...a thousand unknown factors that we must forget if we do not want to drive ourselves crazy, but once we assume that this is real and House reached the beach, we can make a list of things he did before traveling.

Did he come back home? Did he take his bike and went to the airport? Did he go to the hospital and stole the Vicodin? Many unanswered questions and a House fleeing...

Remember the game of "Twenty Vicodin" Peter Blake said no one had been right the entire meaning of the title of the first episode of season eight, but that someone was close
It is possible thatprecisely Vicodin, is the reason why House is arrested.

We know that there will be a jump of one year between the episode finale "Moving On" and "Twenty Vicodin". But we do not know if this will be the time that House will pass in jail or if that is the time when House will enter into the prison. House might have been wandering the world for a year and be arrested later.

So back to the first question, How will House go to jail? 

Perhaps House will be one year fugitive (as pointed my fellow NYC Detective) wanted by the lawHouse may be fled from justice and in a routine control the police arrested him for carrying drugs (20 vicodin) over, then  they discover and lock him up in jail because he is wanted for crash into Cuddy´s house. Perhaps, previously, the police contacted with his wife, Dominika. Then they discover that it was a marriage of convenience. In this case, we would have four major accusations against House:
    • Hit his car into Cuddy's house.
    • Fleeing from the crime scene.
    • Carry a stash of Vicodin (without prescription).
    • Green card marriage.
I still keep thinking that House will call Wilson....

What do you think?

How will go House to jail?


  1. I forgot: I hope he goes to jail on his own terms, cutting a deal. No betrayal, no hurt feelings. Maybe he wouldn't admit having done the wrong thing, but he is not stupid and knows what happens when you crash your car into your girlfriend’s house. I do hope he spend a few restful weeks before on "Fiji", recovering, first. And I hope the green chard bride gets unscathed. I like her.

  2. Aizeak say:

    We should read the Penal American Code, but .... I believe that the motive is to hit the car into de Cuddy´s house

  3. Yeah!

    First, yes, I hope he goes to jail on his own terms...but, being House, we never know how he will act! The idea of Wilson...well, I really do not mean that he will betray House, I wanted to say that, probably, he will do the right thing to help his friend. If House calls him...Wilson will have to do something. Also I think that Cuddy will have something to do here. And YES YES YES before he will be in prison I want to see him doing other things: playing guitar on the beach, serving drinks, cooking...(please, read: A "Fugitive" From Justice Episode 8x01 Pt I, written by NYC Detective, it is very interesting).

    About the prison´s motives...well, yes, I think he will go to jail because he crashed his car into Cuddy´s house, but it´s possible that police catch him discovering a vicodin´s stash with him, and then realize that he is the man they were looking for!

    If you read the article about crimes (written by NYC Detective) The Charges Against Dr. House. Is there a Trial In His Future? you can see the crimes and the time a person has to be in prison...She made a very exhausted article about american´s law there.