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The search for the new Dean of Medicine is down to seven familiar faces.
Michael Ausiello of TVLine.com reports that ‘House’ is closing in on the replacement for Lisa Edelstein.
Edelstein played Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro. According to the report, the new Boss that will no doubt class with Dr. House is someone we already know.
Here are the seven candidates up for Dean of Medicine on ‘House’:

Dr. James Wilson (played by Robert Sean Leonard)
This seems like one of the most likely options, and the one that would please the fans the most. I know I’ve been wanting Wilson to get more screen-time, which was sacrificed thanks to the Cuddy/House storyline. Plus with Wilson being in charge, it no doubt makes things interesting between him and House. Will he still be the enabler he’s always been? Or would we see a tougher Wilson?
The obstacle in this scenario however is that Robert Sean Leonard could be splitting his time between ‘House’ and other projects. He just ended a run on Broadway earlier this year. Should he accept another offer during the season, his role would be scaled back (think Olivia Wilde), so that would make him being the new Boss very unlikely.
Dr. Eric Foreman (played by Omar Epps)
Foreman taking over Cuddy would make a lot of sense. He did take House’s spot when he was in rehab. So we know he can be in power.
But I can’t help but to feel like this option would be a letdown. It feels too ‘safe’. Do we really want to see another House vs. Foreman power-struggle? Doubt it. There are better options, so I hope they don’t go with this one.
Dr. Robert Chase (played by Jesse Spencer)
Since Cameron left, Chase has been pretty much in the background. He hasn’t been doing much, unless you count having random sex with every chick with a heart-beat.
Much like Wilson, fans have been wanting to see more Chase. So for him to be promoted as Dead of Medicine would be a pleasant surprise. It would be interesting to see if he can stand-up to House.

Dr. Chris Taub (played by Peter Jacobson)
Could the series’ most useless character be promoted as Boss? Only if the TV Gods hate us…
I’m not sure why the writers at House try so hard to shove Taub down our throats. From his failing marriage storyline, to his now him fathering TWO babies storyline…we just don’t care. If anyone cares about Taub, please tell me. Anyone?
Side note: Taub being boss is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.
Dr. Sam Carr (played by Cynthia Watros)
Now we get to the less-likely-but-could-happen options. Dr. Sam Carr of course is Wilson’s ex who broke his heart…TWICE. Could this radiologist become the new boss?
This scenario is interesting, but problematic. When I said we wanted more Wilson, I didn’t mean I wanted him to be bitch-whipped by his ex again. And we know House doesn’t respect her, so there’s no way he would listen to her. There’s no way this would end well.
Side note: I would change my tone if House’s ex Stacy would be a candidate. But of course, Salma Ward is currently on CSI: NY. So that’s not happening. Damn.
Dr. Jeffrey Cole (played by Edi Gathegi)
Who you ask? He was one of the many many gunning for a job on House’s team a few seasons ago. Still don’t know who I’m talking about? Two words… Big Love.
That’s right, House’s favorite Mormon is a candidate for Cuddy’s job. As you recall, House disqualified him because he went behind his back to Cuddy to cheat during a contest.
This scenario seems like a long-shot, and totally random. Out of everyone in the show’s past, why him? Unless the character developed between the time we last saw him, House will chew him up and tear him apart…again.
Edward Volger (played by Chi McBride)
To remember this candidate we need to go back. Way back. Season 1!
He was billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company and became the Chairman of the Board at Princeton-Plainsboro. He was also the series’ first major nemesis to Dr. House.
Volger went to great length to get House fired, including making his own team-members spy on him, and threatening to pull his donation money away.
We last saw him when he gave Cuddy 100 million reasons to fire House. Of course, she refused, and Volger left with his hefty wallet.
Personally, this is my favorite scenario out of the seven. First of all, it rewards loyal fans of the show who stuck with the show by having someone significant from the past make an impact. Chi McBride is a great actor with a demanding presence.
Let’s say Volger becomes boss, think of the possibilities. We know he hates House and wants him fired. He also has a history with Chase, Foreman, and Wilson. It would add some much needed non-love-related conflict to the series. Not to mention it makes total sense that the former Chairman of the Board would step in as Dean.
Final Thoughts
Out of the seven, my favorite options are Wilson, Chase, and the long-shot Volger.
But no matter who gets the job, Cuddy is irreplaceable. We know this. Although I feel like her character suffered these past season, I will miss Lisa Edelstein’s word. However with this big departure, ‘House’ has a chance to revive things. This is their chance to breathe some new life into a show that I think has been suffering due to terrible storylines.
Whoever is chosen as Dean of Medicine has some big shoes to fill. Not only because they are replacing a departed, but because this choice could make or break what could be the final season of House.
What do you all think? Who is your favorite choice of the 7 candidates? 
HouseDetectives will be responding in a separate article. We thought it might be interesting to post this point of view. 

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