Monday, August 1, 2011

The REAL HouseDetectives talk about "Twenty vicodin". A new vision: our Detective in Oklahoma.


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HouseDetectives took the Challenge and won some RT

Our Detective in Oklahoma won two RTs

Also, our Smiling Detectivetook the challenge herself and won another RT by Peter Blake.

Detective in Oklahoma talked to us about "Twenty Vicodin"

As I set here this morning writing this report, I am hoping that the great Peter Blake will see fit to give us a new clue today. This last week he and the HOUSE creative team, were extremely generous with clues. The desire to speculate on the fate of Gregory House M.D., is out there in the fandom and its evidence is beginning to show.
This last week, we all learned of new cast members and the name of season 8’s first episode. Peter Blake told us this episode could have been called “Dark Matter” but it has now been changed to “20 Vicodin”

Then he generously invited the fans who follow him on “Twitter” to speculate on what the title ”20 Vicodin” could possibly mean.  There is enough excitement in the fan community about the coming season that this small invitation soon turned into a “full on” contest; the PRIZE…promised to the contestants was to have their “guess” retweeted by Peter Blake himself. Both myself (the fatOlady) and The Smiling Detective (RedTulip_Ana) were lucky enough to have our theories retweeted. (I must admit this was satisfying)
The Smiling Detective had one speculation retweeted:

House called Wilson when his pills were over! Wilson arrived at the beach with "20Vicodin" and...the police! Everybody lies...”
I had 2 of my 3 guesses retweeted:

"20 Vicodin" it means the number of vicodin House had in his system when the cops arrested him" 


"Something is wrong with the Warden or the warden's kid and House charges "20 Vicodin" to diagnose him"

Now as a House Detective, I am trained to look for clues in EVERYTHING and sometimes that can be as much in what a “suspect” doesn’t say as in what he does say. My third tweet “I have an improved guess. The warden played by Michael Pare is the POTW and House requests "20 Vicodin" to save/diagnose him.” Was NOT retweeted, and interestingly enough, within a few hours the contest was terminated and Peter Blake issued this tweet “Lots of good guesses re ep 801. No one got it completely right but one person was close. (Check back in October and I'll say who.)"
“VERY interesting”, *rubs chin in contemplation*.
Okay so this added fuel to my fire and so here is my theory on House episode 8.01; you understand this is Purely speculation....HOWEVER; I believe the patient of the week for the 1st episode will be the Warden of the Prison played by Michael Pare.

The fact that Michael Pare is an accomplished  actor gave me the clue to deduce this theory since that I don’t believe he is “ONLY” cast to be involved in a few “defining” scenes with House. Then House, who is ALWAYS an opportunist and expert manipulator, requests "20 Vicodin" as payment.
Also, and just for fun I have another speculation on this 1st episode of the season.  I see in my crystal ball that Peter Blake, who appears to be “Mr. Fixit”, for the creative team and is able to expertly write them out of the corners they work themselves into, will want to GRAB the fans in a double fisted grip so we won’t even WANT to turn away.

I see Mr. Blake setting the stage for a very intense, emotional, enlightening, and touching season 8.  In this 1st I believe that House´s mother Blythe will make an appearance….and come see her wayward son in prison; however, she isn’t coming alone. Blythe also brings a friend, a very special friend, House´s...biological father.

And she has another surprise in store for House as they are now romantically involved (possibly planning to get married) since his (House’s) legal father died.

Then, my friend, the surprises are NOT over yet as Blythe reveals that our beloved anti-hero, also has a half sibling (as predicted by the wonderful NYC & London based "consulting detective” in her article “Mycroft Holmes”)
So dear friends for anyone who has said that House cannot be redeemed and there is nothing new to be learned about this wonderful character, or there are no new stories to tell, no new mysteries to solve, I say hold onto your seats and don’t take your eyes off the screen...this season is going to be a VERY good year. Woohoo
What do you think? 

Do you want to join to our Detective in Oklahoma in her theory and excitement?


  1. YOUR SITE IS A LOT OF FUN- love it!!

  2. Why thank you Laurielover. We do aim to please and also try to massage those "littel grey cells" as one of our heroes Hercule Poirot would have said. He is also House.

    Happy to have you here! Come back soon!

  3. Like very much your site !! Buy in tne twitter I write that 20 vicodins are in the pill bottle, I very excited only two month for watching House, sorry for my English, love from Argentina!

  4. Muchas gracias por entrar y comentar! No te preocupes por el idioma...En HouseDetectives hablamos español...Sí, yo también creo que en el tarro hay 20 duda es: ¿Se las tomó antes de estrellarse contra la casa de Cuddy? ¿Pide un tarro de vicodinas para curar al paciente?...en fin, estamos deseando saber la verdad! Espero que sigas leyendo nuestro blog y si quieres puedes comentar en español! Loves to Argentina!

  5. Huy muchisimas gracias!!! Ustedes son muy buena onda como decimos aca son gente "re copada", mira pienso que lo mas probable es que se tomo en el dia los 20 vicodines que da como resultado estrellar el auto en lo de Cuddy y despues pienso que se desmaya y empieza a pensar en la playa, y va aparecer en shock en la carcel, hummm sera asi bueno sigamos pensando como va ser el 3 de octubre! Un beso sigan asi un sitio maravilloso el que crearon!!! Besos!!!