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 NYC Detective here. My fellow HouseDetectives and I would like to share our varying opinions regarding the House Exclusive this week which listed SEVEN candidates as they called them. We call them The Usual Suspects plus 2.

Frankly, I couldn't help feeling a little (ok...more than a little) disappointed at the news that TPTB at House really were going with "someone from within" as Ausiello hinted at in a previous column. With some time to think and some distance, I am only slightly less disappointed than I was when I first heard the news when I realized that adding a new central character to House might actually NOT make sense.

Our Russia HouseDetective wrote an article awhile back about which actors should be considered for the role of DoM and she named an actor for who has already been scooped up already by a  competing network to Fox. I see the point of view expressed by some fans that "there's plenty they need to do this season" and the addition of a totally new person with no connection to House that we've seen before might not be the best idea. You decide. I know there are many on both sides but it hardly makes a difference as we have to go with what we're given and we're given these "candidates" from within.


 To begin with, we have another new team member today who was clearly added to be humorous, quirky and most probably "awkward" with people and relationships. Together with Odette Annable, the casting directors have put these two female team members in place for Martha Masters (who departed last season) and 13-Olivia Wilde whom we're told will be off a great deal of the time filming other projects. 

  Clearly, the selection of DOM is perhaps the most CRITICAL decision the casting directors will  make in what is expected to be House's final season.

For me, it comes down to: Wilson, Vogler ,Sam and Taub

Most people would feel comfortable with Wilson as DOM because he is already a department head and someone who is a clear thinker and who we can see as an outstanding administrator for PPTH. He has so many of the qualities and all of the credentials one would need to be considered for this position. The problem I have comes with his relationship with House.

It's easy to see how he would most definitely allow House to come back to PPTH. I'm sure there will be restrictions and people overseeing all House's actions once he's back but how will this affect the very critical relationship of House/Wilson? is this a good call as we can now dispense with chasing chickens down a hallway and get back to the House/Wilson serious dramatic moments with Wilson becoming less of an enabler and more of that true friend we once saw? No one wants this to turn into Greg House manipulating Dr. James Wilson and all that would imply. No one. So, it's possible to see this in both a very positive and a very negative light.

Vogler. First off, he's not a Dr. How can the DOM not be a doctor? Once we get past this, there are also other problems I have with this selection. Vogler couldn't stand House and vice versa, so what would this last season be? an endless series of one ups-man-ship that we've already been through? Power plays with the board and patients? No one wants to see this all over again. This said, I adored Vogler the character and Chi McBride is absolutely fabulous in the role and without question can handle House. I would prefer not to see him in this role although it's nice to think that TPTB care that fans from Season 1 would relate to this or perhaps it all has to do with the price t which certain people can be signed on

Sam: is most definitely the "wild card" in the bunch. I am dismissing "Big Love" as this is the most RANDOM selection for DOM I could ever think of- unless we're talking about the Asthma Lady from the clinic. I am also dismissing any of House's former fellows because they could never truly manage him. It would be a joke as we've seen so many times before. He knows that inside out and he has trained them. I don't see this working. I know Foreman is clear thinking and has wanted a promotion forever but this doesn't work for me. I'm sorry but I also find that character a little boring. Not what I was hoping for. Chase might be interesting but we shouldn't forget that he was the first duckling. House knows Chase best of all. I don't see this happening. 

Sam: I'm not really sure how I feel about Sam being the DOM. I know what's positive for me and what's negative though. I like her age for this position. I like that she and House are not even remotely attracted to one another. I have the feeling that she could handle House. We did get to see that she is not "above" manipulating things to her benefit. I don't want to go through any Wilson/Sam moments. That's over and done. If she could be professional and totally business-like this might work. Again, not what I was hoping for but this might work.

Taub: I don't see this at all. The "face" of PPTH has had serious issues both professionally and privately which to me call his judgment into question. I like Taub and if this would take him away from those incredibly dull scenes with Rachel and young women, it almost might be worth it but there is a positive here. Taub is truly an outstanding doctor, he is the right "age" for someone who has had broad experience and is very good at dealing with House. I'm not sure though. It's a true mystery. I would only be fairly happy with Wilson, Sam, Vogler. I am nervous about a possible Wilson selection but feel that they MUST make certain that this relationship continues to grow and get back to where it once was. One thing though: Laurie and Leonard on screen together? They light it up.

Just one persons opinion. We welcome your thoughts/comments.


Russian HouseDetective
 Speaks Out About New DOM-Another Point of View

In recent days we were showered with news from the creators of House. Besides the fact that the team included two new actresses, we were asked to guess who will be the new boss of House. I see only two real candidates: Wilson and Foreman. In favor of the former says that he is already head of the department. Therefore, we are one step closer to uncovering who the Dean of Medicine will be. But after we learned that the team added not one but two women, the likelihood that the House new boss will be Foreman increased, They have to send one man from team upstairs because too much of a  crowd in House's office can overload the audience.

So, now Foreman's seems more likely to become DOM than Wilson. 
In the eyes of the board of hospital, he can earn more points: He is Afro-American, he is young , he is not best  friends with House, he is ambitious, he is a  single-minded careerist without emotion and sentimentality. He is an experienced doctor and he has a steady mind.
Not that I personally will like Foreman as new DoM, but I can see that it's highly probable.   


  1. I am very impressed with how intellegent and well thought out all your theories are. I am most impressed by that of the Russian detective. She expressives very well the logic behind her theories. Wonderful job! Love your blog.....keep up the excellent articles and you have a loyal fan!

  2. Excelent job! You two are fantastic: NYC Detective and Russian HouseDetective!

    Well, as Smiling Detective here, I want to tell you my option:

    Well, first I have to say, obviously LISA EDELSTEIN is irreplaceable...CUDDY is irreplaceable...

    But, she is not here (by the moment) so if I have to choose someone of these 7...I really think, the New DoM will be SAM!

    Why? Because IMO she is the one who can bring more game to this show now!

    Well, I know, that the Wilson´s option seems the best and also the one who, probably, will be chosen...

    But, imagine...SAM...Do you remember how was the evolution of the relationship between she and House? The first time they met, House was naked! House hated her at the first time he knew she and Wilson was a couple again! But...with the time we learned that they (House and Sam) had interested in common (The boy detective, Jack Cannon)...even I could say, Sam understand House (remember the talk about "lies" between she and Wilson at the cafeteria)...I think she could be the one for this place...Why not? Also it is possible we can see a third chance for Wilson-Sam...Why not?

    Note: Greg Yaitanes has eliminated Taub from the list!